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Blockchain Developer at SettleMint

November 2017 - Present

SettleMint helps organizations leverage the benefits of Blockchain technology: whether those enterprises are looking to improve efficiency, to extend their current products or to completely reinvent an existing business model. They offer their customers Mint, a suite of modular middleware solutions and SDK’s that remove complexities of Blockchain technologies.

Next to further improving Mint itself, I also work on different projects that showcase the versatility of Mint. SettleMint developed several working proof-of-concepts including CertiMint for anchoring data on blockchain, and the DataBroker DAO marketplace for IoT sensor data. As a full-stack and blockchain developer, my responsibility in these projects varies from frontend (react, redux, …) work, over backend work on the mint middleware (node, RabbitMQ, mongo, …), to writing the actual Solidity smart contracts that power them.

Full-stack developer at Tsjing

August 2016 - November 2017

Tsjing has created one userfriendly application for consumers, venues and suppliers to order smarter in the hospitality industry.

Besides an awesome iOS and Android app (built with react-native), tsjing also has a dedicated application for the bar personnel, and a portal where venues can manage everything in their tsjing system. As a full-stack developer, I was responsible for both these different client apps and the backend that fuels them, which is composed of node.js microservices in a cqrs system. React, react-native, redux, node and docker are just some of the technologies I worked with on a daily basis. I have successfully implemented important features such as SEPA Direct Debit payment, Payconiq payment and multiple integrations with point of sales systems.

Software Engineer / Functional Lead at neoScores

January 2015 - July 2016

Gustaf - made by neoScores - is a web application for digital sheet music where musicians can safely buy and use sheet music. Gustaf’s intelligent sheet music is responsive and will automatically adapt to the screen of your smartphone, tablet or computer, via any operating systems (Android, iOS, …). The company was founded in July 2013 by professional musicians with a passion for new media.

As a full-stack software engineer, I worked with Javascript every day. The Gustaf client-side app is built on amperand.js, an object-binding framework based on backbone. The backend breathes Javascript too; node.js and express provide a RESTful API on top of noSQL CouchDB. Grunt, Jasmine and NPM are just a few of the tools the dev team and I used in our everyday process. The Gustaf team commits on fast release cycles by using the scrum methodology and continuous integration with Jenkins. With my experience in UX, I was also the main contact for neoScores’ UX and visual design partner Little Miss Robot. I worked with the design team and oversaw the correct implementation in the Gustaf app and store.

Designer / Web Developer at Flow Pilots

March 2013 – December 2014

At Flow Pilots, they believe that the smart use of mobile technologies will be a key driver in the success of modern companies. That is why they don’t just develop apps. They carefully design, build, deploy and manage the digital tools that help their customers increase revenues, decrease costs or bring freedom and flexibility to their employees.

After doing a three month internship mainly focused on design, I took on the role of UX / usability expert, UI designer and web developer. It was my responsibility to follow up on all visual parts of the projects from sketching out flows, analyzing and structuring user interaction, interface drawing and designing, to implementing the UI in Xamarin iOS/Android or Visual Studio. Next to that, I was a major part of some of Flow Pilot’s web projects, working with Wordpress, Drupal, Angular.js, and plain old Javascript, CSS, HTML and PHP.



September 2012

As final project and bachelor thesis, Stijn Van Peborgh and I built a webapplication that helps musicians write music together. Scored is an online score-editor, in which musicians can write down their sheet music and see changes made by teammembers in real time. Backed up by a chat and the possibility to keep track of different versions, Scored is the way to write music together.
Check Scored out here.


Talk at REFRESH, Tallinn, Estonia

September 4th 2015

REFRESH is a conference, but also an opportunity, to hit Fn+F5 and gain a new perspective on everything front end on the web. With fascinating speakers ready to impart their wisdom, and demonstrations from great minds based in Tallinn this is not to be missed.

Topic: Modular development, the neoScores way
Take a dive into some of the problems the neoScores dev-team ran into while building an offline first, modular web application, and get inspired by their solutions.
Watch my talk here.

Popthesisprijs Award, issued by Poppunt

September 2013

With ‘Scored’, Stijn Van Peborgh and I won the Popthesisprijs award for best bachelor thesis in the very wide and interesting field of music. Scored is an online score-editor, in which musicians can write down their sheet music and see changes made by teammembers in real time.
More info the award can be found here, at page 9 (in Dutch).


Interactive Multimedia Design

September 2010 – June 2013

Thomas More-hogeschool, Belgium
Professional Bachelor, Magna cum laude

Graphic Design (unfinished)

September 2008 – June 2010

Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Belgium



Javascript - React.js - react-native - redux - Node.js - Blockchain - Ethereum - Solidity - Docker - cqrs - Backbone.js - Ampersand.js - CouchDB - MongoDB - NPM - Express - MySQL - PHP - HTML5 - Jade/Pug - Grunt - CSS - SASS - SCSS - Mocha - Jasmine - Git - Wordpress - Drupal (Basic) - C# (Basic) - Xamarin iOS/Android (Basic) - Java (Basic) - whatever is interesting to explore


Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe InDesign - the old pen and paper

Project/product Management



Dutch (Native) - English (Professional) - French (Limited professional) - German (Basic)